Thursday, 17 October 2013

Emma's Diary is a fictional account of 'Emma's' pregnancy. It was written 'in assocation with the Royal College of General Practitioners', and it is/was sometimes handed out by GPs and midwives to pregnant women. I'm unclear whether it's still given out (I didn't get offered one).

It is also a company that really, really would like to have all your details to sell on to third parties. It isn't the only company that does this, or even the only company that claims a nominal association with the NHS that does this (but the Why Bounty Can Fuck Right Off rant is one for another day). So a big part of their business is getting you to sign up for their free packs of stuff!, in response for which you will get spammed and junk mailed to kingdom come by all sorts of companies, including at one point formula milk companies (oops, NHS), who have in many cases continued to contact women whose babies have died during pregnancy with things like offers for newborn photography services because you're on the list now and they have your due date right there in a database. Their stuff is free to pregnant women, because pregnant women aren't the customers - we are the product being sold.

Anyway! So all of this hangs off Emma's actual diary itself, which claims to describe 'the highs and lows of pregnancy and being a mum', and - again - to have been written in collaboration with the RSGP. So it should be useful, right?


Here is Emma's Diary, so you can see what you think. But I was not impressed. )



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