eye-of-a-cat: Is it Rusty writing [the Tennant specials]?
Mad Scientist: He's writing two, and co-writing two
Mad Scientist: First one is RTD and Gareth Roberts
Mad Scientist: 2nd is RTD and Phil Ford
Mad Scientist: then last two are an all-rusty massive blowout
eye-of-a-cat: That could either be amazing or Flying Jesus Doctor Extravaganza, couldn't it?
Mad Scientist: it's going to be the Flying Jesus Doctor Extravaganza to end all Flying Jesus Doctor Extravaganzas
Mad Scientist: it really is
eye-of-a-cat: he'll have actual *wings*
Mad Scientist: They'll unfold from his hair
eye-of-a-cat: YES!
Mad Scientist: To cover his entire body
Mad Scientist: Then the GLOW
Mad Scientist: then they fold back into the hair and ...
Mad Scientist: ELEVEN!

(TM) and (C) Mad Scientist Concepts, Inc, 2009, for since he is probably going to see this (you know it's love when: your boyfriend gets to read your fannish livejournal), it seems only fair to award the rights!
86 undergraduate essays later, and I am back in the land of the living! Which is a bit disappointing, to be honest. Why isn't there pizza?

Off on Sunday to spend Christmas with my family and their omg new puppy. Expect a lot of puppy picspam in times to come! The Mad Scientist will also be visiting before New Year, because the Meeting of the Parents Ritual has to happen one of these days (along with the Meeting of the Brothers, and the Meeting of the Large Posse of Childhood Friends, and why not get all this out of the way in one go, right?). I'm not at all worried about this - he's great, they'll love him, and I'm perfectly happy to do some judicious fudging of details so it doesn't sound like 'Hi, parents! This is Mad Scientist, who I met on the internet which as you know is full of serial killers, and we only met in person for the first time about eight weeks ago, when I was planning to take things slowly until he said 'Do you want to come back to my place and see my Mac SE?', and then we got on so well PUT THE GUN DOWN, DAD!' - and while he's nervous, as who wouldn't be, I'm really looking forward to him meeting them.

Also, I am really looking forward to spending three days with him without any work to do or essays to mark or conferences to attend or meetings to arrange or trains to catch or any of it. I know we're both busy people, but this. is. driving. me. mad.

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Saturday, 13 December 2008 14:39
To everyone who had ideas on That Thing my students do, thank you! I have a lot to say about that in terms of wider issues of students' expectations, but I am busy as a busy thing in busyland at the moment, so it'll be a few days yet. Among other things, I have 80 first-year essays to mark in a stupidly short space of time, a job to apply for, a lot of organising to do about a postdoc funding application I'm trying to sort out at my current institution, Christmas shopping that probably needs doing at some point before oh, say, Christmas, and argh.

But life's really good right now, even if it's hectic. Yesterday night was a party where I introduced the Mad Scientist to a bunch of my friends for the first time, and while there were moments of weirdness (my ex-fiance managed to decork a bottle in such a way that the cork crossed an entire crowded room to hit the Mad Scientist in the shoulder, and, uh, I'm sure he wasn't aiming as such, but...) the evening mostly went really well. And oh, people, I am so madly in love with this man, I can't even tell you. But I'm so busy, and he's already been away for work stuff twice this month, and if January doesn't get here soon so I can spend some more time with him I am going to start eating first-years.

Starting with the one who just e-mailed to ask what her grade was.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008 19:54
I found unwalked-on snow at the station yesterday. And then I walked all around it in circles, so you'll have to find your own bit. Unwalked-on snow! \o/
Also, how happy have I been these past couple of days? Let me bullet-point the ways:
  • Enough to leave the flat with my hair still wet to stand waiting for a train when it's -4 on the platform, just so I could get there earlier;
  • Enough to stay in bed until half-past eleven, when I've been wide awake since six;
  • Enough to miss a writing day I've been looking forward to for ages in favour of walking around a black-ice-covered city with someone who loves it;
  • Enough to make the most out of my iPod's decision to play Joey Ramone's cover of 'What A Wonderful World', and dance into work this evening.



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