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Saturday, 3 June 2006 21:53
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Because it's far too hot to get any work done, I've spent the past few days re-reading about half an Internet worth of bookmarked fanfic. It reminded me that I still had these lying around unfinished from something I was trying a while ago. So, with some final dusting to get them up to shape: four fandoms, four ficlets, all beginning with the same line. Anna Sheridan, Simon and River Tam, Leia Organa, and, er, BSG weirdness. (I don't think anything here would be rated above PG.)

Z Minus (Babylon 5) )

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Firefly) )

The End Of The World Was Long Ago (BSG) )

In Memoriam (Star Wars) )


Thursday, 16 June 2005 23:54
Thesis chapter written (in draft form, anyway) and sent away to supervisor. (And apparently I can't pull off all-nighters any more, and collapse on the keyboard at around 3am. Hm. That's annoying.) I'll have to wait a few weeks to find out what my supervisor thinks of it, but it's possible that for the first time ever I'm actually on schedule with the PhD. This feels weird.

My brain was reluctant to get out of writing mode, so behold: three short ficlets, all about ink. (With apologies in advance for any grave and terrible canon mistakes, since my in-depth knowledge of Star Wars has evaporated long ago, leaving me with nothing but a couple of planet names and a vague feeling that I've got some kind of major issue with the New Jedi Order books.)

Babylon 5 )

Star Wars )

Battlestar Galactica (2003) )



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