Tomorrow, I will be taking a Dalek to look round my new flat. I would have done this before, but it's so complicated.[Poll #1344406]

eye-of-a-cat: Is it Rusty writing [the Tennant specials]?
Mad Scientist: He's writing two, and co-writing two
Mad Scientist: First one is RTD and Gareth Roberts
Mad Scientist: 2nd is RTD and Phil Ford
Mad Scientist: then last two are an all-rusty massive blowout
eye-of-a-cat: That could either be amazing or Flying Jesus Doctor Extravaganza, couldn't it?
Mad Scientist: it's going to be the Flying Jesus Doctor Extravaganza to end all Flying Jesus Doctor Extravaganzas
Mad Scientist: it really is
eye-of-a-cat: he'll have actual *wings*
Mad Scientist: They'll unfold from his hair
eye-of-a-cat: YES!
Mad Scientist: To cover his entire body
Mad Scientist: Then the GLOW
Mad Scientist: then they fold back into the hair and ...
Mad Scientist: ELEVEN!

(TM) and (C) Mad Scientist Concepts, Inc, 2009, for since he is probably going to see this (you know it's love when: your boyfriend gets to read your fannish livejournal), it seems only fair to award the rights!


Saturday, 3 January 2009 18:37
Well, that was unexpected.
Referring to the, um, spoileriffic thing from, er, towards the end of the episode.[Poll #1212825]


Monday, 11 June 2007 22:21
Stephen Moffat should write every Doctor Who episode from now on. Every Doctor Who episode. Can we appoint him Who Laureate or something? I for one would consider this a worthy use of my license fee. Also, if Jack turns out to be the Master with conveniently retconned amnesia and/or Jackie Tyler returns as the Rani, I called it first.

I'm now all caught up with Battlestar Galactica, too. Spoilers... )

Back in this world, I would like to have a word with whoever put all these hills around my house - I'm looking at you, retreating glaciers from the last ice age - about how much nicer it would be to jog on a flat surface. The fact that I will have absolutely killer legs again in a couple of months is not making my calf muscles feel any better today.

And now, back to the wonderful world of changing the style of a journal article from MHRA to MLA, which sounded so simple at the time and which is turning out to be the kind of punishment bad academics get given in Hades. GAH.



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