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Leaving the house for work this morning, noticed that Neighbour A's kid's bike was left out in the corridor instead of in the hall cupboard.

"But it's a kid's bike," you say. "What problem could this possibly cause?"

Well. Kid's bike, and pushchair before that, have been a tipping point for neighbour rows before. The corridor is the only way to our front door, and it is quite dark and narrow, and there have been a few near misses and scuffed shins with tripping over stuff in the dark. We did ask ages ago if they could find another place to put it - but by that point Neighbour C had already told them to move it, so it became this whole thing about Neighbour C again, and aaaaaargh.

And then! We had the dread House Meeting of huffiness and doom, and actually came up with a solution. Neighbour C would clear out the hall cupboard, which had a whole lot of junk in there from (I think?) him and previous neighbours, and the A neighbours would get use of that cupboard to store kid stuff.

And so it was. And everyone was happy, and nobody tripped over anything in the dark.

So. Seeing the bike out in the corridor again left me with several options:
a) leave bike. Pros: do not have to haul bike around, cannot be accused of moving anybody's stuff. Cons: Neighbour C will no doubt see bike, be furious, and yell at the A neighbours, who will then yell back and the whole thing will kick off again. Also, I am probably going to trip over it on my way back from work once I've forgotten it's there.
b) move bike. Pros: no more bike in corridor, no potential yelling from C. Cons: A neighbours will probably assume C moved it and get mad, and we will have a re-run of the last fourteen times this argument happened.
c) move bike, leave note saying who moved it. Pros: A neighbours cannot yell at C, C cannot yell at A. Cons: possibly they will all yell at me instead. Or the As will assume I am acting on C's behalf, or the Ds will get involved again because they always do, and I will no longer be able to claim political neutrality.

So I'm standing there, looking at the bike, and weighing up all these options. And then it strikes me: I am running an entire chess game's worth of strategy in my head over a four-year-old's bicycle. This is no way to live my life.

Moved bike to the side where it was less trip-over-able, went to work. Let them have whatever wars they want to.
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