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Lying awake at not-yet-time-to-get-up o'clock because the local magpie pair have a nest nearby. I know this because they built it partially out of the lining of my hanging baskets, and because recently they have got all NIMBY suburban about anything happening nearby that they don't like, which is everything. And they are loud. They have been yelling in stereo at whatever the latest thing is - cat? fox? other magpie? new housing development? - for about half an hour now, right outside my bedroom window.

Here is one of them a few days ago, yelling at the fox that comes to lie in a sun patch in our garden sometimes. The fox seemed a bit baffled by this, looking at the magpie and then at us like "I'm sorry, is he with you?"

2013-06-24 08:02 (UTC)
- Posted by [identity profile] sea-of-tethys.livejournal.com
I love that photo :D

2013-06-24 16:47 (UTC)
- Posted by [identity profile] vettecat.livejournal.com
I love how relaxed the fox looks.

2013-06-26 10:24 (UTC)
- Posted by [identity profile] elettaria.livejournal.com
With a slightly weary, "Magpies these days!" look on his face.

Hey [livejournal.com profile] eye_of_a_cat, how are things going? It'd be lovely to catch up some time.

2013-07-01 13:19 (UTC)
- Posted by [identity profile] eye-of-a-cat.livejournal.com
Hi! Things are ok, thanks. I'm off to France for a conference for the next 10 days or so - talk when I get back?

2013-07-06 21:58 (UTC)
- Posted by [identity profile] elettaria.livejournal.com
For when you get back: how was the conference? Was France pretty?



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