Friday, 25 January 2013


Friday, 25 January 2013 13:02
I have this health... thing... at the moment. I don't want to go into any more detail than this about it - in fact, my plan is to grumble a little here so that I can get it off my chest and not think about it until my next doctor's appointment - and I don't actually feel ill or anything, ironically.

In short: Moved to new GP surgery, in for fairly routine check-up as first appointment. Doctor says, "have you had the X vaccine?" I have, but ages ago, so doctor wants to test for it in case I need another shot, and suggests testing my blood for Q, W, Y and Z things as well since they'll be taking blood anyway and hey why not. Results come back: I am immune to X, but my levels of Q are a bit high, and my levels of Z are super-low to the point where the lab wrote 'OMG' on the test results*, can I come back in to re-check those?

So we're now waiting for the results of those tests. The practice nurse thinks Q was "probably just a blip, honestly", and Z... well, that might be a blip, but it is loooooow. Low enough to indicate something going wrong. And I don't have any of the other symptoms of Z thing going wrong, or indeed of Q thing going wrong, so that's good; and if I hadn't had those blood tests I would not even be suspecting something is wrong, so that's good, too, in a weirdly non-reassuring but-what-else-might-my-body-be-doing??????? sort of a way. It is possible all is fine, and it is also possible that if all is not fine it will be close enough to fine that they'll mostly treat it by watching it like a hawk. But now I have to wait until Wednesday for the results and to find out what, if anything, I need to be given/injected with/scanned for/forbidden to eat, and oh, how I do not like waiting.

* okay, not quite, but they did add a note



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