Guardian writer discovers the working class. Sort of.

You know how every six months or so, some reporter discovers fanfiction and writes a paint-by-numbers expose about this bizarre and otherworldly hobby and the people who embrace it ("By day, Emily is a 35-year-old accountant and mother of two living in suburbia - but in cyberspace, she's the writer of "slash" fictions about Mulder and Scully's private life!")? And how it's annoying and it's lazy journalism, but it's at least understandable, because writing fanfic is a hobby and hobbies - apart from not defining us, and apart from not seriously affecting our position in the society around us - always look a little strange from the outside?

The link above is what happens when a writer in the Guardian - the Guardian! - swaps 'hobby' for 'socio-economic status', and does the exact same thing.

Poor People Are Weird )
Actual conversation:

"Everyone keeps talking about how much debt undergraduates are in, but I don't get it. Their fees are what, £1000 a year? So that's only £4000 a year at most. How can they run up £16,000 of debt?"
"Well, I knew someone who spent her entire loan instalment on a new CD player."
"Yeah, that's it, isn't it. They just have to learn to be careful with their money. Be a bit boring, don't buy all the new stuff you want, and you won't end up in all that debt."

This was two of my fellow postgraduates. Private school educated, parents putting them through undergraduate degrees, no student loans ever, no debts now.

You want to know how undergraduates can run up £16,000 of debt? On rent and food, you clueless, arrogant rich brats.

Obviously I should know that reading Daily Mail columns is only going to cause me pain, especially when they're written by Melanie Phillips, but this is just insane.

Britain is sitting on an infertility time-bomb. A leading fertility expert, Professor Bill Ledger, has warned that within the next ten years the number of couples experiencing problems conceiving children is expected to double.

By 2015, he says, one in three couples may need fertility treatment. Low success rates from IVF mean soaring numbers will be left childless, with extra thousands going through this draining treatment at huge cost to the health service.

So it's a health-related column, you think. Perhaps a health-related column that's going to end up whining about how 'asylum-seekers' are draining all the money out of the NHS, since this is the Mail, after all, but still essentially about health. Right?


European women should be staying at home to breed more European babies and thus halt the moral decline of our immigrant-filled culture! )
Tremble in your boots, fellow politically-correct-liberal-killjoy-scum of Britain. The Sun, that bastion of - well, everything you'd expect from a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch - has discovered our evil plan to destroy Christmas omg. Or omSanta, since apparently he's the main target of our leftist fury.

Luckily for the shining armies of truth, goodness and consumerism, the Sun has organised a Save Our Christmas! campaign and is taking the Nativity on tour. "Thank goodness somebody has still got the guts to celebrate Christmas in public," a delighted lorry driver said as the crowd in Trafalgar Square burst into spontaneous applause. That'll show us meanies. (They used the word 'meanies'. This is the Sun.)

Okay, Sun. You win. I freely admit that my generalised griping about consumerism is actually a ploy to make decent people suffer, and that I'm trying to ban much-loved traditional Christmas songs like 'Mistletoe And Wine' and 'Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime' on the pretence that they're offensive to people of other religions. (Granted, I might have said 'people with ears', but you all knew what I meant.) From now on, all my thoughts on Christmas will be perfectly compliant with tabloid ideology.

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